Brainwashed Minds

The future is Programming

by Choice for US Editorial
This article is published in IPFS

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We have discovered severe issues in the state of mind of the so-called "liberal" or democratic voters. The problem is presented in the following source code. We selected C# language as the most open and reading-friendly language.

public static class Propaganda
  public static readonly string[] CredibleNewsNames = 
    { "CNN", "NBC", "MSNBC", "CBS", "NPR", "Time", "NYT", "BuzzFeed"};

public class Socialist: Person
  public bool IsNewsFake(NewsMeme message)
    var aboutTrump = Verify.MessageSentiment(message, "President Trump");
    if (aboutTrump == Sentiment.Negative) return false;
    if (!IsCredibleSource(message.Source)) return true;
    if (aboutTrump == Sentiment.Positive) return true;
    return false;

  private bool IsCredibleSource(InformationSource source)
    return Verify.IsInList(Propaganda.CredibleNewsNames, source.Name);

It will be easy for those of you who have a basic knowledge of programming to spot this code issue. It also explains the abnormality in the behavior of citizens brainwashed by socialist propaganda.

If you are not a programmer, if you never tried to write and debug code, you should seriously consider recusing yourself from participating in the political and economic decisions of a large and prosperous country like the United States. Nobody is trying to take your right to vote away. No, we are asking you to find it in yourself not to use it.

There is no shame in just saying—I do not know. You would not volunteer to land a plane if the pilot gets sick unless you had at least several flying lessons. You will not try to offer medical help to a person who collapsed on the street unless you are a doctor. Why you find yourself capable of telling the entire country how to live? Why do you believe you are qualified to select the future president or a senator from a short list of people you do not know?

Choice for US

Every day we receive new evidence that there are severe problems in our legal and political systems. Our organization is looking for professional programmers to help find and fix these errors.

For everyone else, if you don’t know how to program, if you don’t understand the above code, we have a simple suggestion: please, stick to what you know. Help people by doing what you are doing the best. Do not mindlessly repeat the lies that you hear on TV and read on social networks. Don’t spread the virus of brainwashing.

We are going through challenging times, and everyone should remember their duty to posterity. Brace yourself in the face of what is coming. Be American. Be human. Think.