Electoral college


Media advertisement has proven its efficiency in promoting commercial goods and services. It is not surprising that the same methods will be extremely efficient in propagating ideas, even if they are not very good. Most of the people make decisions based on the majority opinion, not their own experience. That is called conformism or groupthink. Propaganda uses groupthink to influence how people vote. The effect is much stronger in places with a high population density (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco). Note how the numbers change compared to official statistics if you change the value for media bias. Hover over each state to see the number of electoral votes. The positive number indicates votes for Republicans, while negative is for Democrats.

Media pressure

The number above shows the percent of media hosts and publications that have a strong left bias. That means they actively promote the Democratic party’s socialist ideas and smear anyone who opposes their point of view. Our analysis shows that in 2016 that number was at least 75%. Change it to see how it would affect the outcome of the election.

Density factor

The density number above shows how the population density amplifies the effect of media propaganda. In places where people live too close to each other, everybody is looking at neighbors for information. In other words, people stop thinking for themselves.

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